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Desk lamp - moll mobilight task lighting for kids

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Product Code: 368660

A clever, easy adjustable light. The Mobilight has clever swivel joints which makes it easily adjustable. It is attached to the desk with a clamp base, which means you can attach it almost anywhere on your desk. It is also changeable for left and right handed users.

Moll - Made in Germany made in Germany


  Length   41cm
  Height   60cm


The non-glare illumination is child's play to move.

Swivel joint + reflector Thanks to its clever swivel joints and 90° reflector it is perfectly suited for customizing the illumination of the desktop.

Suitable for left - or right- handed individuals.
The reflector can be positioned to prevent shadows being cast by the arms and/or bodies of left or right- handed users.

Instalation for right-handed users
Switch on and adjust with your right hand. So that no shadow is thrown by the user's body, and for the correct construction for right-handed users.

Instalation for left-handed users
Convert for left-handed users in a few easy steps.

Clamp mount
Thanks to its patented clamp mount, the light can be easily mounted on the desktop/Addition in one easy step, and is also easily moved.
Attached to the bottom of the clamp mount; special key to readjust the pivot arm joints.

Energy-saving lamp
Low-energy illuminant(11 watt), equates to the output of a 75-watt bulb.

Intregrated ballast and weight balance for the reflector 230 V-, 50Hz, 0.155 A

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