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moll Champion Kids Ergonomic Desk

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Product Code: 742211

The Champion
The desk with the split desktop

Split desktop
One part of the desktop can be tilted and used for drawing, writing or reading - while the rest of it remains fixed in place as a practical storage surface and working space.

Unique tilt position
Pulling on the left button positions the desktop at an angle, while pulling on the right one lowers it. Childproof and TÜV-tested. This means there are no disturbing gaps between the panel sections when the desktop is not tilted.The adjustable desk surface tilts up to 20 degrees. A pinch-free, child-friendly button makes it easy for your child to position the work surface at the perfect angle for reading, writing and creating. A magnetic anti-slip strip secures items on the tilting surface.

Giant Drawer  
Drawer Cover  
Cable Duct Cover  

Moll - Made in Germany made in Germany

* Model:

Length    120cm
Depth   72cm
Height   53-82cm

Comfort Feet
Height adjustable from 53- 82cm. To adjust the height of the desk, simply pull the string on the 'yo-yo' to easily move the desk up and down. The 'yo-yo' can remain on the side of the desk, or is removable

The new Champion by moll is available in 3 different versions (see 'Gallery' images):

  • Champion front
  • Champion left up
  • Champion right up

Depending on the chosen version, the tilting and fixed parts of the desktop are the perfect ergonomic match. Our recommendation: left up for right-handed users, right up for left-handed users, front up for everyone possible.

Colour can also be chosen individually: Every Champion comes with a box of colour foils for the leg runners and the matching cover caps for the yoyo.

Included with every Champion:
Book holder
Magnetic anti-slip feature
Cable duct

“The desks are awesome - easy to assemble, kids love them! I wish I had a desk like that growing up!!!!!”
David Schapiro

Blue Angel   Blue Angel
In furniture industry the “Blue Angel” environmental quality seal is awarded with the statement “low in emmisions”. This means that only products which have no emissions, or are very low in emissions during their product life, may be are awarded this seal. The “Blue Angel” aims to provide the consumer with the opportunity to select products made of wood or wood materials which conform with the strict inspection criteria of the LGA.
GS Seal   Safety Tested with GS Seal
The GS symbol for inspected safety is awarded by the LGA (the Bavarian office for trading). The LGA is a neutral and independent partner which acts between the state, industry and the costumer. This internationally recognised institution for inspection and product certification inspects and assesses products for manufacturers, retail chains and consumer organisations.
Kind to humans and nature   Kind to Humans and Nature
Moll's products are designed for longevity with minimal use of resources. As all materials can be seperated from one another, we enable optimal recycling and as low as possible use of materials.

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