Create a colour world to suit your taste

Moll Decor Colour

A moll desk should not only be ergonomically correct, but must also be fun. That's why your child has any number of possibilities for creating an individual desk.
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Adjust your desk height in 3 different ways

Moll Classic Leg Desks with the Classic feet are fitted with the childproof height adjustment with a GS-approved and patented hook catch. The integrated measurement scale ensures that the optimum desk height is quickly found.
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Moll Comfort Leg
A desk that is kind to the back AND is fun? Only from moll. The patented yo-yo string makes it easy to adjust the desktop to the desired height. Just pull the chord - and done. No need to get up, no trapping of fi ngers, no stress. Ideal for body heights of 109 cm to 200 cm - so even for very tall children. Pull on the yo-yo string once or twice to set the desktop and all its add-on elements to the right height - smoothly and continuously!
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Moll Express Leg

The Express feet have been developed by moll for the quick adjustment of any height on a purely mechanical basis (in 1 second approx. 40 cm).

In order to ensure that the Express height adjustment remains functional and comfortable to use, the maximum additional load (weight of additions used and equipment in/on the desk) is limited to 40 kg.
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Blue Angel

In furniture industry the "Blue Angel" environmental quality seal is awarded with the statement "low in emmisions".

GS Seal

The GS symbol for inspected safety is awarded by the LGA (the Bavarian office for trading).

Kind to Humans and Nature

Moll's products are designed for longevity with minimal use of resources.