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Create a colour world to suit your taste

Moll Decor Colour

A moll desk is not only ergonomically designed, it is also fun to use. That's why your child has any number of possibilities for creating an individual desk.

Does your child's taste change every day? Not a problem. moll includes the entire colour range for decorative elements with every desk. Our desks all come with a box of seven colours. Runner, Sprinter and Booster even come with a colour memory with seven colour foils that are easy to exchange. So your child can have a different colour for every day of the week.

To match the rest of the furniture in your child's room: the decor

Moll Desk Colour

Choose from four decors with easy-care, strong surfaces that are resilient and long-lasting. The combination of melamine resin-coated, low emission chipboard (E1, 19 mm) with inserted soft edging and rounded, 2-mm thick edge veneers, high quality metal and plastic components results in furniture that meets the highest requirements for quality and technology.

Blue Angel

In furniture industry the "Blue Angel" environmental quality seal is awarded with the statement "low in emmisions".

GS Seal

The GS symbol for inspected safety is awarded by the LGA (the Bavarian office for trading).

Kind to Humans and Nature

Moll's products are designed for longevity with minimal use of resources.