Ergonomic desk and scholastic furniture that grow with your child

The healthy development of growing youngsters is an extremely important factor in learning.

Nowadays sitting at a computer for extended periods of time is the norm for most school aged children.

Moll scholastic furniture can help your child sit and stand in the ergonomically "correct" position during this important
period of growth and development. They represent furniture systems with plenty of options for extension and a high level of functional variety.

In childhood and young adulthood, the furniture systems follow ergonomic guidelines at every stage of the child's individual development, and are planned down to last detail.

All moll desks and chairs are height adjustable because they need to correspond to the user's height.

Whatever your requirements, you will find desks, chairs, containers, shelves and extremely versatile additions for your child's favourite spot.

Kids Ergonomics
Eco Info

Blue Angel

In furniture industry the "Blue Angel" environmental quality seal is awarded with the statement "low in emmisions".

GS Seal

The GS symbol for inspected safety is awarded by the LGA (the Bavarian office for trading).

Kind to Humans and Nature

Moll's products are designed for longevity with minimal use of resources.